Shout Outs

Shout Outs for Friday, April 17, 2020

Seth Sims has been working on a speech. He contacted me for help and during our zoom meeting rehearsed his speech. The speech was well written, humorous and checked all the boxes. Seth has worked hard on this, as it is a dual credit class, and has kept his positive attitude throughout this ordeal. He is coded "green" in all classes! He said he will begin to look at registration for college soon! What a great way to finish strong!
Arlet Benitez
Karlie Lehmann
Brooklyn Williams
Roger Schafer
Makaila Araujo

Aidan Almendarez

Joanna Martinez Robles

Maya Chalico

Cameron Ghaffarian
Lisa Comeaux and Mercedes Crespo for going above and beyond when one Klein ISD family, with four children, were sharing one Klein ISD issued computer.
Erin Einhaus for walking me through the logistics of Schoology. She even made a video and helped me step by step to navigate through the technology.
Karina Cano Spanish 1B Highest Class Average
Mallory Lawson- After viewing collages of Robeert Rauschenburg, Mallory created a very unique collage and journal assignment for 'Quarantine'.
Jeremiah Hamman - Completing his work in BCIS 1305 class. Alicia Davila - Doing great work in sociology class. Vistas faculty and staff working hard to meet the needs of the students.
Erin Einhaus - such a great co-worker and friend
Michael Read - great emotional and tech support
I'd like to shout out Jenn Malinsky. I appreciate that she has reached out to me to share everything from news, discoveries, laughs or just checking in on me. I miss the check ins at school but really appreciate the phone check ins <3
Ashton Ballard for all the work on time and quality effort!
Alyssa Alleyne for all the work on time and quality effort!
Janae Brown for all the work on time and quality effort! Also I have never meet her, what a responsible person!
Malana Santos for all the work on time and quality effort! Also for the relationship, she has meet me on zoom daily for tutorials!
Kyndall Moritz for all the work on time and quality effort!
Mia Vasquez for all the work on time and quality effort! Also I have never meet her, what a responsible person!
Erin Einhaus for the tech ideas (how to post videos for week 1) and teen perspective (live vs video)! Your support has been very appreciated!!!
I want to shout out Kylie Jackson. She has been on top of everything and doing a great job in these tough circumstances.
Shout out to Mercedes Crespo for going above and beyond to communicate with one of my Spanish speaking families, picked up an extra computer and got them logged in so they could use it. Thank you so much!!!
Shout to Michelle Gonzalez for assisting with all my Spanish speaking families. Helping out with leaving them messages and emails to keep that communication going. Thank you so much!!
Debbie Pennington and Bob Anderson for going above and beyond to help our students who really needed it.
Our Vistas teachers deserve a big ol' shout out for lots of reasons, but specifically for their patience and responsiveness as we worked through T3 grade cleanup remotely. Thank you! I miss your faces!
Tim McCure and Al Davila for doing all of their assignment for Transition to College Math class
Kevin M. and Leon R. for staying on top of their work and getting assignments in.
Ms. Young, Mr. Cassel and Mrs. Fuerst for helping me with zoom, computer issues and other technology stuff.
Gavin Zabawa for being progressive in his communication.
Ashton Ballard - completing all assignments.
Austin Fruia - completing all assignments.
Janae Brown - completing all assignments.
Mia Vasquez - completing all assignments.
Brianna Dupriest - completing all assignments.
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