2015 Bond Passes
Thank you Klein ISD residents for approving the $498.1 million bond referendum.
The uncanvassed approval rating was 75.77%.
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Klein ISD & Vistas Information...
Vistas is piloting a program called REMIND. REMIND is a free and safe way for Vistas to message you or your student about up and coming events. REMIND messages are sent straight to mobile devices. Your personal contact information or your student's information is never seen by the school. There are no open replies to teacher messages. If you are interested in receiving school reminders, please call Vistas for the access code. Your student will be receiving individual teacher access codes after spring break.


In order to achieve success the Vistas community is committed to a RELEVANT and RIGOROUS curriculum and the development of RELATIONSHIPS, RESPONSIBILITIES and RESPECT for self and others.


The VISTAS program is a school of choice that provides an opportunity for students to graduate; students might be struggling in the traditional setting or might otherwise drop out without some change in their school experience. The VISTAS program provides a small and nurturing environment where students are appreciated and individual talents and abilities are respected.

Senior Class Information
Klein Collins

Klein Forest

Klein High -

Klein Oak -

Bus Numbers For Vistas
Klein Collins    Depart Time: 7:20AM        AM-147     PM-195

Klein High       Depart Time: 7:20 AM       AM-145    PM-293 (bus pick up on Lyons School Rd @ the cafeteria entrance)

Klein Oak        Depart Time: 7:15 AM        AM-144     PM-351

Klein Forest    Depart Time: 7:15 AM        AM-115     PM-115

The Vistas High School is an alternative campus for students who are willing to do whatever is necessary to receive a diploma.

This magnet campus accepts applications two times a year. Vistas is open to all Klein ISD students; however, students must have attended a traditional high school for at least one year prior to applying.

Vistas provides an opportunity for students who would likely not graduate without some change in their school experience. Students attend Vistas at no charge. Free bus transportation is provided with the pick-up and drop-off location at the student's home high school campus. Bond Buttons/bond-button.jpg Bond Buttons/vistas.jpg